The past years I’ve been working closely with NGOs and been documenting the green development in Denmark and Norway. Especially the case with preservation of forests and nature, and the fight for climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals.

THE RAINFOREST FUND’S 30th ANNIVERSARY 2019 | Top: Sting, Artist & Co-Founder of the Rainforest Fund. Bottom: Erna Solberg, the Prime Minister of Norway

GREEN FRIDAY AARHUS – KLIMAMARKED 2019 | An event arranged by Studenterbevægelsen i Aarhus to create awareness around local green players

FOLKETS KLIMAMARCH ÅRHUS: VALGET 2019 | Aarhus marching for the climate right before “Folketingsvalget 2019”. Natur Retur, Danmarks Naturfredningsforening, Bedsteforældrenes Klimaaktion & Den Grønne Studenterbevægelsen were present on stage.

NATURMØDET 2019 | Politicians and local green advocates debating their socks off. Interesting debates ranging from rewilding of Danish nature, to how much the Danish parties want to allocate their budget to a greener future. 

KULTURFABRIKKEN’S FESTIVAL IN HEDENSTED MUNICIPALITY 2019 | A Festival with a focus on UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, where I joined Sundhedsagenten*s stand where we talked about zero waste food and how to reuse food.


My main motive with experience photography is to capture the rare, genuine moments between different elements of that event, which together create the feeling of being there. If it’s laughter or intense listening, the smoke from a bonfire, food making – or just cute doggos.



SNAK & ÆD 2020 

SNAK & ÆD 2020 

SNAK & ÆD 2020 


I’ve been volunteering in four different organizations; World Cleanup Day, Verdens Skove, Vedvarende Energi and Nationalpark Mols Bjerge. These experiences have given me extensive knowledge around themes like circular economy, plastic and waste management, the cradle to cradle principle, biodiversity, rewilding etc., and in general how organizations, corporations, governments and other institutions come together for a greener future.

WORLD CLEANUP DAY CROATIA 2018 | I’ve been working directly with World Cleanup Day, as this initiative is Estonian and I’m from Estonia. In 2019 I lived in Croatia, and participated in their events there.

WORLD CLEANUP DAY DENMARK 2019 | Last year I joined WCD in Riis Skov, Aarhus, together with Danmarks Naturfredningsforening, where we made a short video and just had a great time. We collected 148,8 kg waste that day!

VERDENS SKOVE GENERAL ASSEMBLY 2019 | I’ve been volunteering at Verdens Skove since 2018, and here we spent a whole weekend together talking about forest preservation and biodiversity.

VERDENS SKOVE’S STAND AT GREEN FRIDAY 2019 | At Green Friday Verdens Skove and I went together to promote forest preservation, where I also exhibited my own forest art.

MOLSLABORATORIET MOLS BJERGE 2019 | Photographed the rewilding project focusing on the Exmoor ponies and the Galloway ox for Verdens Skove at Molslaboratoriet.




In July 2019 I finished an intensive course in documentary filmmaking at OTOXO Productions, and here is one of the three short films we created during the month in Barcelona, Spain – “TechnoCats”. We basically went through the whole process from research to screening.