On this page you find some of my forest artwork.

If you wish to bring the forest closer to your space, then you can easily purchase the art by clicking on the print you like. You’ll be sent off to Displate – an amazing website creating metal posters. Because metal is better than plastic & for each Displate you purchase, ten new trees are planted! Read more about it below.

The Tranquil Forest

The Playful Trees

The Magical Pond

The Light Forest

The Purple Forest

The Green Forest


There are several reasons why I’ve chosen to do forest artwork. The first reason is because, as a green storyteller, the importance of forests is one of the most crucial subjects to put emphasis on and to create awareness around. Our entire planet is depended on thriving forests. Especially now when we are facing a climate crisis, and possible mass extinction.

Therefore, the goal with my forest artwork is to bring the forests a bit closer to people. It is hard to really connect to anything in the fast-paced world we live in. And by having the forest art present in your space, it might bring some of the connection back. Back to the magic, beauty, and to become more conscious of the vibrant ecosystems they bring to the entire planet.

The second reason is a personal one. There was a time when I was more present, alive and safe in a forest than in the small community I grew up in. It was my sanctuary. But, because of local logging, the whole forest was degraded, and that was one of the most devastating moments of my life. I never had the time to capture it in a drawing or a photo, but now I’m trying to preserve the magic of other forests instead.


Displate was an obvious choice for my forest art because they are also involved with forest advocacy. Because for every Displate sold, ten new trees are planted. Displate is cooperating with the non-profit organization Trees for the Future and has 25 years of experience with planting trees. In addition, they are creating opportunities for local people in Central America, West- and East-Africa.

In other words, the integrity behind my forest artwork is purely based on forest conservation and awareness. It is our source of life and a home for billions – and a tiny bit because it’s my home too.