Digital Nomad in Tallinn, Estonia

The digital nomad went home to Estonia

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I will keep it short and sweet this time, and let the pictures do the talking. I’m totally fried right now after some months as a digital nomad and I’m still trying to balance logistics, expenses, travelling and most importantly my dreams. Anyway, Estonia spat me out with 3 infections richer – totally not Estonia’s fault – and here I am, lying back in my Italian feeling sorry for myself. I guess that was the last drop to say that I need to slow down.

Enough about me, more about Estonia! Estonia once more was an amazing reminder of how amazing my birth country is and how my roots stand strong. Blessed to have a family who is as “crazy” as I am aka free spirited, open-minded, empathic and who has a lust to discuss worldly matters. Fuck capitalism and live more, you know. Therefore, yet again, we talked until the morning, discussed deep things, patterns and layers in people and in our family and yeah, just bonded and made up for some lost time.

I also got involved with two exciting projects – was interviewed for a school’s magazine on how it is to be an Estonian abroad (met the interviewer randomly in Venice) and got a volunteer job at Let’s Do It!, which is an NGO fighting illegal dumpsites and trash globally. I’m really excited.

Now, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Tallinn – Modern City versus Old Town




Viinistu – A charming, harbour town

A digital nomad in Viinistu, Estonia

Tammneeme – My dad’s roots


Pärnu – My mum’s roots

I’m proud to be Estonian by blood, although I know I’m a globalist at heart. Despite this, I know my digital nomad a** will be back in Estonia at some point, where I also want to give this amazing, innovative, hard-working country a voice and help to lift up what we have lost so many times under occupation – the love for freedom, nature and our culture.

Adventure // Estonia // Roadtrip

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So, my sis and I we decided on a random roadtrip in Estonia. We borrowed our family’s pride of a car – the immortal Opel Vectra (from probably early 19th century). And we didn’t even book a place to stay. We thought we could sleep in the car if needed or lose some pride and drive all the way back to Tallinn. As it’s only a few hours no matter where you are in Estonia basically. Estonia is cute like that. We did end up at a charming farm-like place at the end though.


Adventure // Pärnu

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Pärnu is where my mum’s side of the family lives and it’s where I have all my amazing beach memories from. Before global warming kicked in, we had a lovely stable July with, which I remember, constant sun with some awesome thunder and lightning shows here and there. It was so hot that we could barely walk on the asphalt or the sand. It’s not called the “summer city of Estonia” for nothing.


Adventure // Estonia – Hiiumaa

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I’ve always felt a bit rootless, but I’m so proud that my family name descends from this beautiful island Hiiumaa. Our name was first registered in the 19th century and our roots go all the way back to the 17th century. So I luckily have one strong root and it has so much beauty. The sea, secret beaches, small, old harbours, lighthouses, windmills, wild animals and endless pineforests (my surname Mänd means pine, btw). And the best part; a huge “family” that we’ve been celebrating Midsummers with for 25 years on this island.


Adventure // Estonia – Tallinn

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I arrived in Tallinn last night and wow.. I got the most beautiful welcome back. I was at my spot on top of Radisson Blu called Lounge 24. There you can see the view over Tallinn and the Old Town. I usually go there to get some solitude and to do some work. They have a lot of amazing food as well. Recommended! The Airbnb apartment is really lovely and 0,5 min to the city centre (depends how fast you can get out of the building hehe).