Winetasting in Tuscany

Digital Nomad Life; How the Fudge to Get Friends?

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It’s simple, you just join a wine tasting and suddenly you’re 12 hours deep into a new friendship. That’s at least what happened to us. It could’ve been because we have just been lacking friends to talk to for 3 months, and anyone could’ve been a victim to our bla bla. But, I honestly can say that it was one of the greatest days I’ve had and it was because we just totally clicked with the people we met.

This wine tasting was a gift to my boyfriend, Lars the Winelover, for his birthday. Although, this wasn’t the usual kind of wine tasting. It was a wine tasting at a Medieval Castle in Chianti. Who doesn’t love a little castles and Medieval history to a bit of wine, right?

About the wine tasting tour

We met up in Florence and then we drove to a place called Trebbio. The place was just the most Tuscan place I’ve ever seen. A castle on top of one of the many Tuscan green hills as far as the eye can see, vineyards, olive trees and a red fiat casually placed next to a super Italian looking house.

Winetasting in Tuscany
Winetasting in Tuscany

Pazzi and wine tasting – what?

The whole experience started off with a tour around the castle, which by-the-way was owned by Medici’s enemies, The Pazzis, back in the days! We had no idea that our experience was going to involve us actually walking in one of the rooms where The Pazzis conspired against Medici’s power. Lars and I just looked at each other and had a moment of; holy scheisse, this gone be good. And it was amazing.

Though, the castle today is owned by some very “ordinary” people. It was bought by a duke as a gift for his wife back in the 60’s. Their grandchildren are now making this area into a Tuscan cradle. For me it was mind-blowing. Imagine growing up in a castle. A CASTLE. Their living-room was the Pazzi conspiracy room, like I can’t even.

Then the wine tasting journey took us below ground level and into the pits of wine.

Winetasting in Tuscany
Winetasting in Tuscany
Winetasting in Tuscany

The power of Chianti

We got an amazing introduction to the Chianti wine and how important it is to pronounce Chianti as Ki-anti and not Shi-anti. Otherwise you’ll be banned from Tuscany. And the Chianti God gives you alcohol poisoning even before you drink the wine. We also learnt about how important it is with extra virgin olive oil and got other tricks in the sleeve.

We also got a sneak peek of some wine from the early days, that no one is allowed to drink. I think Lars cried a bit inside, but we had to just give a teary glimpse on the wine and just keep walking.


Winetasting in Tuscany
Winetasting in Tuscany
Winetasting in Tuscany

An intimate wine tasting

Then our group was split up, where some people left on Vespa road-trip, and Lars and I, along with our two new best friends, went on a very intimate wine tasting. So yeah, it was four of us and we got super lucky to meet a couple from Down Under.

We got an amazing wine tasting, with different type of wine and some complimentary snacks from the area. Below you can see a very happy guide showing us some secret information about wine.

Winetasting in Tuscany


After the wine tasting we had some free time. Below you can see one picture of Lars, Mark and Tate, two of our new mateys. Or how they say it in Australia. Tipsy and merry, we just talked about everything between how huge corporations suck and the freedom of travels. We also met another couple from Murica.

Winetasting in Tuscany
Winetasting in Tuscany
Winetasting in Tuscany

Wine tasting in Tuscany

After this amazing wine tasting in Tuscany, we drove back to Florence. Guess who was in the car together? Us, the Down Under couple and Murica couple. It hit me in the car that we are from three different continents and how amazing it is that we can just hang.

We also talked about the fact that Australia and North-America have only existed for a couple of hundred years. Sometimes I forget that it’s actually us Europeans back in the days. Tate also had some Swedish heritage in her DNA.

When we arrived back in Florence ready for more, we decided to go to a place where Lars and I once had a beer-date. On a bench.


Beer tasting in Florence

We found some chairs this time and three beers later, the Muricans left. Yet, the four of us still weren’t done talking. So we ended up talking until 00, Lars and I missed the last train home and had to spend a spontaneous night in Florence. It was a good day.

Fight Club Quote

Liisa being pissed part 1: Society sucks

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Disclaimer; Liisa is pissed. There’s a slight chance she will regret posting this.

Lately I’ve been feeling this odd feeling inside me. It’s like a fire in my chest. In my entire body actually. Combined with a sort of lump in my throat. The lump in my throat is definitely sadness. But what is the other feeling? I even feel my hands clenching into a fist and I want to punch shit. I want to scream.

Wait, I think I’ve actually seen this in movies. I think it’s anger? Well this is new to me. And as it’s new for me, I’m afraid I’m going to have an anger word-vomit in a few sentences. Now, let’s have a sneak peek into my brain. Godspeed reader, godspeed.

Are you keeping up with the Joneses fast enough?

So I’m sad and I’m pissed off because we have a this huge societal problem. Like, “yyuuuge,” as Trump would say. And people don’t even see it.

Trump yuge

We live in this tiny bubble where we live paycheck to paycheck. Live for the weekend. Hate Mondays. The utmost goal in life is to fit in, to belong, to feel worthy, to gain respect. How do we do that? Ah yeah, the good old get status, to become rich and successful. Whatever that means.

Today, two master’s degrees isn’t even good enough to get the job. You must have a Ph.d. now people. Keep up. Then you need to get married. Especially before you turn 30 so you won’t get pepper (a Danish and Norwegian custom) and be shamed in the society. Then you haaaave to get some kids super fast, because us women will fail being women when we don’t get kids latest at 30 ½.

GOT shame

We also have to take a loan to buy a house. Afterwards we announce it happily to social media, by saying; “Hurray, we are now debt-slaves”. Like it’s an amazing thing to be in debt for the rest of your life. We have to have at least two cars, so we can keep up with the Joneses fast enough. Maybe buy a cabin and let’s just add some puppies to this utopia as well.

Ah yeah, and let’s not forget, you need to look hella good doing all of this. So we alter our our bodies to live up to this era’s beauty standards. In other words, now you’ll look like Kylie Jenner! Congratulations. And when the next era comes, we just alter it again. And again.

Health and emotions – what are those?

Yet, so many of us are stressed out because of this. People are depressed and have anxiety attacks. We get diseases and stomach issues. Keeping up with the Joneses have also made us numb, greedy and selfish and now we don’t even know what emotions are.

Then we turn to alcohol, maybe even stronger substances. We buy junk-food and shitton of snacks to all the TV-series we’re going to binge watch the whole weekend. Shit, and it’s Sunday afternoon again.

Before then, of course, we try to show off our lives on social media the best way we possibly can. We especially post pictures that show us being super merry, while the truth is; “You’re fucking miserable, Sharon.” But, as that smile of yours earned some extra likes, then hell yes, you’re accepted for another week. Congratulations again.

It’s like hunger games. You either make it to the finish line of success, or you end up at a psychologist who diagnoses you with something. You get some pills and you’ll be sent home. And of course the moment your prescribed medication, you’ve lost and you are now officially labelled as unsuccessful.

Value authenticity over image

To my point. I have two actually.

Firstly; you have a choice.

All I want is to let people know that we have a choice of freedom to be whomever we want to be and to have a reality that fits you. To be that little happy kiddo again, that you once were.

✓ So, do you really believe that success is based on the amount of money you have? If no, then fight that ideal.
✓ Do you dread Sunday afternoons because you don’t want Monday to come? Change it. You can change anything.
✓ Do you feel anxiety kicking in being around certain people? Ditch em.

And who were you before our society started molding you? What are your dreams, your true dreams? Who are YOU? To make it more simple – who would you be if every, single human being disappeared from this world.

Authenticity is the most liberating thing in the world. It’s fucking scary and it’s a long a** ride to get there, but when you reach that point of who you truly are, then you’re at peace.

Secondly, did you drop your brain?

I honestly don’t understand how people aren’t more curious about our existence.

existential quote

We are blessed with a brain. We are also blessed with something else huge in life; Google. You know, the place where you can search for:
✓ Self-love
✓ Authenticity
✓ Alternative lifestyles
✓ How to be happy
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck (great book)
✓ How to meditate
✓ How to start an inner-journey
✓ Was 9/11 really an inside job?

This is me giving you some research tips, by the way. And ladies and gentlemen, and non-genderers, ignorance is a choice nowadays. Ditch TV-series and gossip magazines and find yourself a stack of books, and a list of documentaries and research articles.

Please do question the society. Be as curious as a child. You know the drill; you as “why” to everything. Except in our adult life it would be; Why do we have to wear make-up? Because then you’ll look pretty. Why do I have to look pretty? Because then you’ll be accepted by the majority. Why do I need to be accepted by the majority? …… eh.

The crazy squad

Now, as you’ve managed to read 1005 words of anger and if you still think I talk junk, then I’ll bring a person from my crazy squad in, Steve Jobs himself. He once said;

Steve Jobs quote

Well said Jobs, well said. And here’s two more quotes, one by Osho and the other by someone unknown. I bet that person also was “crazy”.

Osho quote

Society quote

Aka, I want you to see your own worth, I want you to believe in yourself and that your uniqueness is a strength. Your uniqueness is beyond incredible, actually! So, why do what everybody else does. How does that improve who you are, when you do exactly like everybody else? Why try to fit into a box, when you can kick that box straight back to imaginary-land.

Self-love and authenticity are the keys.

Shit, you’re soooooo like, pessimistic, and shit, Liis.

All of this sounds super over the top, right? Maybe you are a bit too pessimistic, Liis? Hmm?

Well this is me being realistic, as this is the reality of the majority of people I know. I see people who are dear to me having eating disorders, anxiety attacks and are constantly stressed out. Stress, the killer disease. It’s the reality to most of us live in and it’s going to be a reality for the children we bring to this world. Do you want your children to grow up in the society we have today?

Also, what do I know about this right? Well, it was my reality too. WAS (a blog post about my story is under construction). But I did something about it and now I’m going to speak up. As I’m very, very pissed off.

I’m not going to ditch you now after dropping this bomb, so I’ll write more posts about my journey to happiness, authenticity and self-love. Keep an eye on the series “Liisa being helpful.”


I’m still pissed, by the way. So stay tuned to my the “Liisa being pissed”-series! Themes will range from everything between environmental issues to motherhood.

Vegan recipe; Maroccan salad

The Vegan Dish of My Life: Moroccan Salad With Kidney Beans & Chickpeas

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There comes days in your life when everything seems to be perfect. You giggle a bit to yourself, smile and think; “Yes, this is it.” For me, that day was when I tasted the Moroccan Salad with kidney beans & chickpeas for the first time.

After the first bite I took, I just knew this was the vegan dish of my life. Not only because it tastes like something God made in his own kitchen, but also because it’s just too easy to make.

So, as I’m not a selfish being, I want to share this with you guys. Although a small warning for you guys who eat meat; this might change your life forever and you don’t want to eat anything else ever again. Alright, let’s introduce this with some pictures!

Vegan recipe; Moroccan Salad

Preparations; Moroccan Salad

The dish has only a few ingredients and the shortest preparation list ever. In other words I have to be super creative to re-write it in my own words. So to avoid plagiarism, I’m just going to leave the link to the recipe here. But it’s basically vegan beef aka kidney beans, chickpeas, carrots, mint and parsley. And then you mix it with a dressing you make out of lemon, cumin, cinnamon, garlic and oil. Voila!

We ate this delicious Moroccan Salad dish outside, with the sun setting, some cold Prosecco and soaked in all them endorphins we could. For dessert we had another of my all time favourites; strawberries with chocolate. Yesterday was a good day.

Vegan recipe; Moroccan Salad Strawberries and chocolate

Liisa Mänd being spiritual

Existential crisis vol. 111; Guidance from the Universe & Google

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I’ve been on this spiritual path for some years now and today has been one of those occurring existential crisis days. Those days where you just stare into the abyss for an unhealthy amount of time and you have no idea why you’re even on this forsaken planet.

Liisa Mänd being spiritual
Me staring out into the abyss, pretending to keep my s*** together.

I feel like I’ve reached the point where I’ve started to unlearn my old self and that the layers of my past are dissolving. And on top of it learn to know myself once more.

It’s like you’re kind of clinging on to the past, yet you know you need grow some balls to take the leap onto the next level. And you don’t even know what the level is.

As any other #WokeAF person knows, this is the phase of; “I’m kind of stumbling in the darkness, yet I feel that my answers are right around the corner.”

Yes, I’m kind of caught between two worlds.

So what does one do when you’re caught between two worlds?

1. You ask the spiritual go-to for guidance, The Universe.

2. You ask for guidance from the go-to when you have questions towards your problems on earth, Google.


So after a juicy meditation session outside, I suddenly got the urge to go check if I have an aura! As any normal person would do, you know. After creepily staring at myself in the mirror for a couple of minutes, it finally happened; I saw a bright light above and around my head. Like bright-bright light, not like dimmed hospital lights, you know.

It was apparent; I have a white aura.

Google was up next and guess what, I’m apparently a transcendent Jesus. Superb. Seriously it’s like when you Google: “Why does my little toe hurt?” and you find out you have cancer. Except that you’re Jesus and it’s even more terrifying. At least now I can turn water into wine. A lot of wine.

Digital nomad and motorcycling

Digital nomad life + a motorcycle lifestyle = what?

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The digital nomad lifestyle is not only about creating digital epicness to an awesome view over a Tuscan beach, it’s also about doing batshit crazy things. Like hanging on to your bare life, whilst you’re riding on the back of a former motorcycle World Champion – Troy Corser. See video below.

I’m not lying when I say his top speed must’ve been 250 km/t when we did the long wheelie that for me lasted 10 lifetimes. He also did some cute little tricks in the swings, like drifting with the motorbike. Yes, with me still on the back. I didn’t even know that motorcycles could drift. Like, don’t they just flip over and turn into a billion pieces?

Anyway, we survived. Proof on the picture below.

Troy Corser at Mugello
I even got to lend his suit – Thanks again, Troy! #LikeAGlove

That day was me embracing my boyfriend’s digital nomad journey. How he combines his passion for motorcycling and living abroad. It is universal knowledge that Italy is blessed with some good motorcycle tracks and is also one of the reasons why we came here.

So yeah, I crashed the testosterone-party at Mugello Circuit, where he attended Race Academy. He learnt shitloads about motorcycling and I learnt shitloads about his world. Especially after I got the chance to try a pillon-ride with Troy Corser, “The Teacher” at Race Academy.

Blom Racing
Lars being batshit crazy too – and super cool doing it

I’m truly grateful. I’ve always seen race motorcycling as men doing the “huga-buga” Silverback gestures, you know, thomping on their chest to show off their manhood. But, now I saw a different side to it. I saw a community with so much support and brotherhood. There is no: “Oh my God, look at him guys. Such a noobz.”. It’s people working for the same passion and having a mutual respect.

I also saw my man’s bravery, his drive and how he really is passionate about this. I have to say I got some extra butterflies in my stomach after this experience. So proud of you.

Troy Corser at Mugello

This experience has also learnt me another important lesson. It’s not always about me, me, me in relationships. Yes, I’m super spiritual and I have always had the belief that this motorcycle world is all about ego. So I have been fighting it. Fighting Lars. But, I see more love in this community. Even met a guy who is more empathic towards other human beings than vegans. Super blessed.

Digital nomad life

The digital nomad life – early stage

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Right now I’m sitting at a Tuscan lake-beach heaven we randomly found the other day. I’ve found my laptop and accompanied myself with a cold, dewy Corona. This is really the spot I’ve always imagined myself working at as a digital nomad. Like, who wouldn’t like to work from a random beach, eh?

Digital Nomad life

Also, everything that other digital nomads have said about these places, are true; it’s f****** warm, you can barely see the computer screen because of the light and the Wi-Fi connection, I guess, has seen stronger days. Bless.

Yet, I’m happy. Seriously for the first time in my adult life I actually feel like myself and this is exactly where I’m supposed to be. To be free and intuitive. And wiggle my butt wherever and whenever my butt wants to wiggle. It feels like there is nothing calling me home, because I am home. On Earth, the round little rock in the middle of this infinite universe where the inhabitants have decided to separate themselves with borders.

So yeah, I kind of very much like this way of living. Especially those days when doubt doesn’t kick in, because your former ego is calling you “home”. Or your bank balance is closing in on 0. I guess that’s the beauty of this lifestyle. In other words, I’m embracing every side of this journey.

Other cute journeys

This digital nomad journey also took me to some cute, desolate places these past days. We found this lake called Lago di Bilancino. So while Lars did his motorcycle thang, I went off with Opie for some adventure time. I even took my first underwater pictures. They’re crap, but I’ll get better.

Digital nomad adventures

Digital nomad adventures

Digital nomad adventures

And whilst I was super excited to finally post this very short and sweet blog post on the spot, my computer died. As some beautiful beach cafés don’t have an outdoor plug. I love my life.




Things to do in Florence, Italy & some travel hacks

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We stayed in Florence from Tuesday and until Thursday, hoping to avoid the crowd. What we found out was that early weekdays don’t apply on high-season to avoid the masses. The crowd is the same-same and the tourists are scattered everywhere.

When the masses are closing in – hide.

You can either find your partner-in-crime and hide in a huge “I’m invisible and safe and all is well”-embrace or you can find cute little streets away from the crowd. It can be a detour if you’re on an A to B mission, but it’ll be the greatest detour of your life. Narrow streets, cute shops and yeah, less people. What’s not to like. See survival examples in the pictures below. Or you can choose the third option; be a vampire and move in the night.

In addition, we had to survive 34 degrees in full blown sun. There were points where we just “NOPE” and just had sacrifice some places and retreat to more silent places. We also have some more Florence travel hacks, just click on the “Florence travel hacks” field below!

Florence travel hacks

Google Map pins: Before you enter the cradle of Renaissance, then find your Google Map and pin all the places you want to see, the places you want to eat and so forth. With the crowd and some waiting in queues, it’ll make your life so much easier.

Firenze Card:  If you’re going to spend more than 2-3 days in Florence, then this is your ace in the sleeve. It costs €89 for the Firenze Card, but it is valid for 72 hours, you can enter the majority of the museums for free, you get a priority access once in each museum (aka skip queues) and it has a lot of discounts to different shops and restaurants. I’d seriously pay the amount of money for the Firenze Card, just so I can skip the queueing! We walked almost straight in to the Galleria dell’Accademia, when people were queuing forever in 34 degrees and sun. Suckers.

AirBNB: If hotels are sold out or are too expensive, then we’d recommend staying at an AirBNB. If you’re also staying longer, you can find an apartment with your own kitchen, so you spare some dollars on not eating out.

Trenitalia: Can’t even find a decent and cheap place to stay in the middle of Florence? Find a place outside the city, for example Pistoia or Prato. From there you can take a train directly to Firenze Santa Maria Novella next to the old town. The train tickets are super cheap and you can find them  here – Trenitalia.

Duomo: Ok, what we didn’t know was that one has to book a slot to come up to the infamous creation of Brunelleschi – The Dome. We had bought the ticket and then saw it was fully booked. So, buy the ticket and book it early here.

4 things to do in Florence Italy

Galleria degli Uffizi

If you don’t have time to go strolling and visiting all them endless gems in Florence, then Uffizi Gallery is the one museum you need to visit! It’s worth the queuing (although, if you have the Firenze Card you get priority access) as you can spend hours in there. It’s FYI considered to be one of the largest museums in the world. How about that.

Your eyes get the pleasure of seeing original creations from Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Botticelli, Caravaggio and many more. Totally a starstruck hive if you have a passion for art, history and culture.

Another tip; keep an eye on the opening hours, as the museum sometimes has opened during the evening and you get the place pretty much to yourself!

Cappelle Medicee

The Medici Chapel was an interesting and fascinating place. You could sense it was a space where death is welcomed with open arms. You enter the Chapel below, in the crypt, where the Medici’s remains are kept alongside sacred ornaments containing relics. Reliques in form of bones, pieces from human skulls and all that jazz.

When we went up the staircase, we were met by I sight that seriously took my breath away. Usually you see chapels and churches in bright white, illuminating the whole room. Although, the Cappella dei Principi (“Chapel of the Princes”) was dark and almost gothic in a sense. The stones used to decorate the chapel were dark green, brown, grey, with small golden and red details. All of it illuminated by the dome above.

Last, but not least, we visited The Sagrestia Nuova, designed by the great Michelangelo. We watched a documentary in beforehand and we already knew what was coming – Michelangelo’s subliminal mockery of the Medici family. Once a student, then a silent opponent towards the greedy Medici. As it was for the majority of Florentines back in those days. The statues of the Giuliano and Lorenzo weren’t as grand as they should’ve been by the book. Also, the statues representing Dusk & Dawn and Night & Day, were a symbolic meaning of the passing of time. As with the Medici family.

Museo Galileo

If you love astronomy, technology, science, compasses, time measuring devices, telescopes, globes, maps and all them kinds of goodies, like moi, then this is your heaven. It’s amazing to see how mathematics and logic could create so complex things, before our modern technology. Well, this was birth of the technology era, but it’s just mind-boggling to see how far they were already back then. All thanks to the father of modern science – Galileo Galilei. I can’t even figure out my phone.

Galleria dell’Accademia

David statue, Academy in Florence

I’d say that Galleria dell’Accademia is not worth the queue if you don’t have secret crush on Michelangelo’s David and if you’re not super interested in sculptures as an artform. I personally felt the grand David was the reason for entering this museum (yup, totally starstruck), as I’m too ignorant about sculptures. Mesmerized, but ignorant.

Although, I later learned that sculptures were one of the most expensive artforms back in the days and were often used to show an economic strength. In addition, in the New Testament, believers were called “living stones”, which gave the sculptures an additional – and symbolic – meaning. My point; don’t be ignorant and life will be more exciting.

Ok, let’s get back on track. The museum also had its own floor where you could admire old frescoes in gothic style. Again, not my cuppa, but maybe yours?

3 things to do in Florence Italy – when things get too crowded

Alright, back to avoiding the scary masses, which is basically an artform in itself. We found some more quiet places to visit in Florence, on the Firenze Card. Here are some of them below. You are welcome.

Museo Casa di Dante

The House of Dante


Dante’s crib! We found his old house hidden somewhere in Florence. A bit lost at that time, but you’ll find it easily on Google Maps. I have to say I was expecting a bit more, being Dante’s house and all. But, just knowing it was there where he slept and pondered about the world – and Beatrice – made my whole experience.

Otherwise, it was more of a collection of information elaborated from Dante’s scriptures. Aka, it wasn’t always directly about him, but what happened during the time he walked the streets of Florence.

Museo dell’Opfificio delle Pietre Dure

No pictures taken from this little spontaneous trip!

This museum was a collection of different… stones and rocks. Being a rock collector myself back in my days when I was 5 years old, this was definitely was an extension to my rock knowledge. I also have a love for crystals as being spiritual AF, so it was a bonus applied to this experience.

All in all, an interesting little detour, which sparked a further understanding about how rocks and stones were used to decorate differents aspects of the grand life in Florence – and for the Medici family.

Bibiloteca Medicea Laurenziana

Barely any people, probably the smallest museum in town – but, damn it is beautiful. This was Medici’s personal library (like holy cow). What I’m about to say now goes against every fiber of my being, but I’d seriously consider becoming as greedy as a Medici just to get a library like that. The vestibule already had me on “I wanna become a Medici.”


Food wise, check these 6 vegan restaurants out in Florence! If you’re not vegan, doesn’t matter – you’ll convert to veganism the moment you take bite.

Vegan restaurant Panorama Restaurant La Scaletta

6 vegan restaurants in Florence, Italy

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Ok, so I was a genius before heading to Florence. I marked every single interesting vegan restaurant on Google Maps before heading there. You know, you can like add places and such on Google Maps itself. You can either star them (yellow pin), heart them (red pin) or mark them as “want to go” (green pin).

As an obvious no-brainer, I marked the green pin to all the vegan restaurants in Florence. Because green you know. Then I marked a heart for the museums and other places I’d want to see and a star to other important places – like our crib.

I’m bad at explaining things, so if you have no idea what I mean, then you can find an example below.

A map of Florence with my pins
Vegan restaurants in Florence

For me this idea was a total personal growth kind of thing, as I don’t know s*** about these techie things and it worked! This little trick saved us a lot of time amongst the hazzle, 100000 tourists and 3 hour long queues.

We did the usual stroll to find all the museums and when the hanger started to approach, we just flipped open our amazing Google Maps idea. We saw the green flags waving at us, inviting us in for a super convenient vegan feast.

But now to the point..

6 vegan restaurants in Florence

Veg & Veg – your juicy, fast-food veggie burger feast

Vegan restaurant Veg & Veg, Florence

This was our first vegan restaurant conquest in Florence. It was a tiny bit hard to find, as it was inside a building and there was no signs leading to the restaurant. It was a combo building, where the ground floor is like an indoor market. Yeah, avoid that area and go straight up to the first floor, if you want to keep your appetite. Slaughters and stuff down there.

Once you get the first floor, you’re met by a vibrant Street Food like market. There we found Veg & Veg, where you can get pure veggie burgers! There are also vegetarian options, if you love cheese too much. Otherwise, it was a pure and savage feast on these lovely, greasy veggie burgers and some awesome potato chips. They also had an amazing juice (I think we took the Purifier), which I recommend as a contrast to the heavy burger.

Raw – Your health pack

Vegan restaurant Raw in Florence

Ok, this vegan place was just sent from heaven, after a heavy night out the day before. I ordered an avocado sandwich and expected, you know, a dry bread with a slice of ‘cato. I got avocado WITH some amazing cracker bread like breads instead! My plate was seriously floating in heavenly avocado. It was even enough to cover the leafy greens underneath and I could just sense my body and mind were doing a high-five.

Lars had some chia-porridge, which was amaze as well. We both got ourselves some smoothies and it’s just yes, yes, YES – all of it.  I don’t know if it was because we were lucky, but there were almost no people around. Might be because it’s on the other side of the river. Anyway, it’s quiet and you get your belly full of green goodness.

Amblé – Your brunch place

Vegan restaurant Amblé in Florence

This was a mix of vegan and vegetarian, but there were some vegan options and the staff would otherwise help out with vegan options. I ordered a hummus sandwich, a freshly pressed juice and a coffee, which was a perfect way to kick-off the day (yes, we had brunch for breakfast).

The staff was super laid-back and the whole place was a bit artsy. Another super huge bonus, is that it’s at a hidden corner in the midst of the crowded areas of the city. So, if you want a chill place to enjoy a light vegan meal based on fresh, local procuts – then this is the place!

Brac – your fancy, artsy, delicious, fun go-to

Vegan restaurant Brac in Florence

Ah, Brac. We are already super excited to go there again on Tuesday. We were there twice and might not have been the best clientele. We visited the place twice, 10 minutes before the kitchen closed. The second time we burst through the door, we met with the same guy who worked there last time. He rolled his eyes big time gesturing “oh my God, again?!”, made a joke, we joked back and the bond was made.

The first time we crashed the place, I ordered pasta with tomato sauce, which sounds super boring. But it hella wasn’t. The second time I ordered hummus with sweet potatoes and fried pickled onions. The combination was amazing. In other words, if you love books, fun and playful staff, great vegan food and a place to have your lunch or dinner – Brac has your back. And good wine too.

Universo Vegano – your vegan universe

Vegan universe? Yes. Pick up the menu and you can pick and choose from whatever your vegan heart dreams about. Pizza, burger, wraps, salads, cakes and the whole shebang. I can’t even start to express my gratitude. I took a wrap with tofu and I can honestly say it tasted better than a “normal” wrap.

The juice was a total kicker with so much health. Hence, we balanced it up with a good, sugary dessert and an espresso. Another  bonus is that it is not crowded at all and seemed more like a take-away health, vegan lover place.

Panorama Restaurant La Scaletta – your inner upper-class vegan

This is the place where we celebrated our 1 year anniversary, so we kicked it up a notch. I sent them an e-mail pre-date time and asked about vegan options. Already there the quality of the service started. I got a cute little list of their vegan options, which was perfect for me.

The service kicked totally off when we arrived. They granted us my wish of having the best view possible. Check. The guy, Luis, who was serving us was just mindblowingly (if that’s even a word) amazing. Ask for him if you go there.

He had handpicked the wine menu, so it could be complimentary with the food menu. As Lars was having meat (traitor) and I had a vegan meal, he found an ingredient, which was the same in both our dishes. From there he found a wine that fitted that taste. He was super patient and let us have time to choose whatever we needed time to. We got shitton of information about the food and wines, and he even gave us a mini-tasting in whisky and rum after our dinner. Like, he is like the Swiss-knife in the gourmet bizz.

It’s not cheap, but,  you can’t really put a price on this. You get a view that is breathtaking, crazy good service, knowledge and great food.

Vegan restaurant Panorama Restaurant La Scaletta




Digital Nomad in Tallinn, Estonia

The digital nomad went home to Estonia

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I will keep it short and sweet this time, and let the pictures do the talking. I’m totally fried right now after some months as a digital nomad and I’m still trying to balance logistics, expenses, travelling and most importantly my dreams. Anyway, Estonia spat me out with 3 infections richer – totally not Estonia’s fault – and here I am, lying back in my Italian feeling sorry for myself. I guess that was the last drop to say that I need to slow down.

Enough about me, more about Estonia! Estonia once more was an amazing reminder of how amazing my birth country is and how my roots stand strong. Blessed to have a family who is as “crazy” as I am aka free spirited, open-minded, empathic and who has a lust to discuss worldly matters. Fuck capitalism and live more, you know. Therefore, yet again, we talked until the morning, discussed deep things, patterns and layers in people and in our family and yeah, just bonded and made up for some lost time.

I also got involved with two exciting projects – was interviewed for a school’s magazine on how it is to be an Estonian abroad (met the interviewer randomly in Venice) and got a volunteer job at Let’s Do It!, which is an NGO fighting illegal dumpsites and trash globally. I’m really excited.

Now, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Tallinn – Modern City versus Old Town




Viinistu – A charming, harbour town

A digital nomad in Viinistu, Estonia

Tammneeme – My dad’s roots


Pärnu – My mum’s roots

I’m proud to be Estonian by blood, although I know I’m a globalist at heart. Despite this, I know my digital nomad a** will be back in Estonia at some point, where I also want to give this amazing, innovative, hard-working country a voice and help to lift up what we have lost so many times under occupation – the love for freedom, nature and our culture.

Digital Nomad

The digital nomad life // Our first experiences

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I still remember the day when we had just left Denmark. We drove on the autobahn in Germany, embracing the fact that this highway was the start on our digital nomad life in Europe. I remember feeling true, genuine happiness knowing that we didn’t have a registered address anymore. From there on, we were heading towards an unknown era of freedom. Dreams manifesting and the whole shebang, you know.

First stop: Volta Mantovana

Our first AirBNB base was in Volta Mantovana, a place no one would randomly live in, where rumours abound and where a piece of renaissance still remains. The first thing we did was to pop a local white wine with our lovely host, Margaret. Fluffy kitties welcomed us, we had the sound of grasshoppers in the background and late talks about being globalists.

Sitting there sipping my wine, I was thinking; I can’t believe how blessed I am.

Digital Nomad

Second stop: Monsummano Terme

Well, around 10.000 km later, some dollars poorer and plenty of experiences richer – we are hereby announcing that we are super tired and somewhat broke. Therefore we have decided to be kind to ourselves and stay at a lovely little apartment in Monsummano Terme until mid-August! You really need to zoom in on Google Maps to even find the place, but the beauty of its location is that it’s actually right between Pisa and Florence. Aka, we can spare ourselves some kilometres and money, yet still see the best Italy has to offer.

Lars has his precious motorcycle track, Mugello, right next door and can embrace his inner world champion. I get to be an hour from the sea where I hopefully can start my underwater photography. Blub blub. We can explore the Tuscany area even more, drink some local Chianti wine and actually live a little. We also have pizza restaurant next door and the local “social-hangout-place” Tiffany’s. Ah, and the apartment has balcony, so that kind of won me over.

Monsummano Terme

Monsummano Terme
More posts will come about how we even managed to reach 10.000 km, how our mini-minivan Opie experiences his travels, some tips regarding a digital nomad life and all that. Stay tuned!