My name is Liisa Mänd and i’m a storyteller with passion for our planet earth. I’m based in Filmbyen (the Film City), in Aarhus, Denmark.


I’ve been working with various forms of communication since 2013, which enables me to have a holistic view on how to create powerful storytelling.

My main focus is on visual content creation through photography and film (I recently completed an intensive course in documentary filmmaking in Barcelona, Spain, at OTOXO Productions), but I also have a background as an online marketer, copywriter, graphic designer etc.

Planet earth

Our planet earth has always fascinated me, and I have endless curiosity towards it. This has lead me to have a vast knowledge and understanding of humanity and our planet earth in general. My curiosity is also accompanied by deep emotions and high sensitivity, which allow me to capture the smallest details of life, and connect to stories on a deeper level.


Liisa is an amazing photographer with very deep focus on planet Earth, she knows how to capture and show the beauty in everything.
Zane Hartmane
UX/UI designer/Photographer
Gorgeous photography made by a heart of gold. Liisa captures what many People - sadly - are missing out on: The glory of nature. Very important work 👍❤️
Julie Luna Bayer
Volunteer at Verdens Skove / Forests of the World
Liisa take the most beautiful pictures. She’s very skilled and easy to work with.
Troels Halken
Chief Commercial Officer at Seaborg Technologies
It is an honour to work with Liisa, an inspiring woman and fighter of our beautiful earth. She delivered on time and absolutely nailed the tone of voice for my brand. I loved her personal touches and her passion and commitment to what sisu socks stands for!
Andrea Babic
Sock lover & CEO @sisu socks
I am so grateful to come across Liisa's work. She is an amazing writer, influencer and entrepreneur. I am very happy with her work she did for me and my projects, sharing her experiences and stories as copywriter and photographer. I can highly recommend Liisa if you are looking for a person with a great passion for her work within copywriting, photography and online marketing.
Jana Lührs
Founder of My Tasty Travels
Udover at Liisa flere gange har leveret imponerende grafik, fotos og andet digital indhold til vores platforme hos DuGlemmerDetAldrig, har jeg fået hjælp til udarbejdelse af personlige grafiske elementer, herunder bryllupsinvitationer. Liisa er skarp, professionel, dedikeret og grundig i hendes research, udarbejdelse og levering - uanset projektets størrelse eller omfang. Jeg kan varmt anbefale Liisa som fotograf og grafisk content creator.
Tine Jensen
Communications- and Marketing Coordinator @ DuGlemmerDetAldrig
Liisa has from the beginning been a key part of our growth strategy towards the Norwegian market with TrueStory.no. Her copy and graphics work has been, and still is, the backbone of our tone of voice and profile in the Norwegian market.
Morten Kusk
Chief Marketing Officer at TrueStory
Liisa is a gifted communicator [...] I’m happy with the work she did for me and my projects. I can without hesitation recommend Liisa and her skills. Especially if you need high-quality content for your website, newsletter, social media etc.
Simon Bak Andersen
Founder of Avito