green will prevailphotography

my little ecosystem

documenting the life in my garden, and rediscovering the connectedness to nature after years of isolation and living in the city. so this project is for my garden and the little ecosystem in it.

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the city-dweller mind

when i came into the space of my garden, i was petrified by how little i actually know about plants, animals, and insects. the only thing i knew was that bumblebees and butterflies – and insects in general – are disappearing from denmark in a record speed.

then when seeing my garden filled with insects. and butterflies. and bumblebees. it humbled me. and it hit me, that the only connection to nature i’ve had, is what i’ve read from the ignorance of the concrete jungle.

it also made me wonder; how much of an impact does this actually have on city-dwellers in general? is this one of the reasons why we can’t empathize and feel into the destruction of nature and the loss of species on the planet? and why we still go about our daily lives without worries?

the great human apocalypse

after the news about the “insect apocalypse”, that insects might disappear within a century, i’m just so blessed to experience a blossoming mini ecosystem in my garden. i almost feel like i made it before everything is gone.

so, when i see so many happy, tiny bumblebees and butterflies going crazy on my flowers. i want to cry. a mixture of gratitude, and sadness. just thinking that in some decades, they might not play around in my garden anymore. it breaks my heart.

but i guess when that time comes, it doesn’t matter anymore, as we will need to face our own survival.

because insects are the base of all ecosystems, and as we know, we are also part of that ecosystem. our great, coexisting ecosystem that i’m afraid we are too disconnected from. disconnected from nature. ourselves. the great human apocalypse.

what to do?

read. learn. understand.

urbanisation. deforestation. destruction of natural habitats. pesticides. agriculture and farming. artificial lighting.

then act. we fight.

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