The simple, vegan wok saves the day

Today was one of those days where every single thing is just. An. Effort. So, my worst moment today was when I was having a walk far from home and hunger kicked in. My vegan brain was just rolling its eyes, as it’s still a universal fact that it’s not too easy to fetch an easy, cheap, vegan snack on the road. In other words, my sweet little walk ended up at Rema 1000 to buy some food and just go home. But in those moments, my lazy vegan self kicks in and I actually create some pretty decent stuff, I might say! Here is my super simple, vegan wok for other lazy vegans out there.

Rema 1000 to the rescue

Basically, Rema 1000 is blessed with these frozen vegetable bags for super cheap dollar. I usually buy a pack of the organic broccolis, because broccoli is life and a bag of beans, because beans are protein. I had soy sauce at home, but I bought some organic light coconut milk to add with it. Being a bit of a noob in the kitchen, I just remembered that it’s something people put in a wok. And it worked!

In other words, here are the ingredients for a vegan wok;

1 pack of organic broccolis
1 pack of bean mix
A bit of soy sauce
A can of organic coconut milk

How to do it

Just throw everything in the pan and let it sizzle for a bit. Done!

Vegan wok

Vegan wok
Super cheap, super healthy, super awesome for lazy vegans.

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