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A sneak peek into my day at “the office”

It took my awhile to settle into the digital nomad life type of “office”, because there is no normal office. You actually have a lot of offices, like your dinner table, your bed or any other suitable place where you don’t get back pain. And of course co-working spaces, which we haven’t found because of poor planning.

My all-time favorite office has been on the balcony at our current AirBNB place. Like, who doesn’t like a morning stretch on the balcony, sit down and start working to a sea view! Every morning.

A normal day at the office

On the picture below you can I have a very serious meeting with World Cleanup Day (it’s the non-profit organization I volunteer for, and which you should check out if you want to earn som karma-points). I think this was the moment Katrin‘s dog appeared on Skype and I just couldn’t contain my happiness. Anyway, no make-up happy face, a super fancy work suit and some good ol’ Croatian air. That kind of sums up my days at the office, together with poor internet and the company of mosquitos in the evening.

Digital Nomad Rijeka

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