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When you wake up feeling blessed

This morning I just woke up feeling extremely blessed.

A digital nomad in Rijeka, Croatia

We arrived in Rijeka last night and our new crib for the month is just beyond belief. We strategically chose this place as I wanted to be closer to the sea (going to test out my new €15 worth snorkeling gear, yeayuum) and heck, I got the sea. Not even that, I even got a balcony with a sea view. As some may know, I have a thing for balconies too. So yeah, I did shred I tiny tear of happiness last night.

This morning I’m just breathing in this breeze of euphoria and I’m just so grateful for where I am now. Like I wrote on my Instagram account recently:

Not to brag and all, but I’m super rich. I’m actually so rich in happiness, love, experiences, freedom & adventures, that I today know I will never be poor again. I’ve finally found wealth, and it was in the abundance of the immaterial.

I’m really proud of myself for sticking to my core being. To find freedom. And along with this journey, I’ve also met incredible people who have helped me along this path. In the end, being free is all about being authentic. That was the moment I started to focus on other things in life than money, status and “success”. Don’t get me wrong, I know money is important for survival, but money also gets a different meaning depending on how you use it. Money is just a tool. Some take the choice to spend it on possessions, some people choose to spend it on passions.

For me, that changed everything. I’ve gained so much by investing my dollar in the immaterial. And it has lead me to this crazy awesome balcony in a town I didn’t even know existed.

A digital nomad in Rijeka, Croatia
This place even has recycling bins outside the house. Like, I can’t even.
Figs and schnapps in Rijeka
Suddenly the AirBNB host comes with figs, grapes, and apples from the garden. And homemade fig schnapps. What did I do to deserve this..

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