The Vegan Dish of My Life: Moroccan Salad With Kidney Beans & Chickpeas

There comes days in your life when everything seems to be perfect. You giggle a bit to yourself, smile and think; “Yes, this is it.” For me, that day was when I tasted the Moroccan Salad with kidney beans & chickpeas for the first time.

After the first bite I took, I just knew this was the vegan dish of my life. Not only because it tastes like something God made in his own kitchen, but also because it’s just too easy to make.

So, as I’m not a selfish being, I want to share this with you guys. Although a small warning for you guys who eat meat; this might change your life forever and you don’t want to eat anything else ever again. Alright, let’s introduce this with some pictures!

Vegan recipe; Moroccan Salad

Preparations; Moroccan Salad

The dish has only a few ingredients and the shortest preparation list ever. In other words I have to be super creative to re-write it in my own words. So to avoid plagiarism, I’m just going to leave the link to the recipe here. But it’s basically vegan beef aka kidney beans, chickpeas, carrots, mint and parsley. And then you mix it with a dressing you make out of lemon, cumin, cinnamon, garlic and oil. Voila!

We ate this delicious Moroccan Salad dish outside, with the sun setting, some cold Prosecco and soaked in all them endorphins we could. For dessert we had another of my all time favourites; strawberries with chocolate. Yesterday was a good day.

Vegan recipe; Moroccan Salad Strawberries and chocolate

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