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Existential crisis vol. 111; Guidance from the Universe & Google

I’ve been on this spiritual path for some years now and today has been one of those occurring existential crisis days. Those days where you just stare into the abyss for an unhealthy amount of time and you have no idea why you’re even on this forsaken planet.

Liisa Mänd being spiritual
Me staring out into the abyss, pretending to keep my s*** together.

I feel like I’ve reached the point where I’ve started to unlearn my old self and that the layers of my past are dissolving. And on top of it learn to know myself once more.

It’s like you’re kind of clinging on to the past, yet you know you need grow some balls to take the leap onto the next level. And you don’t even know what the level is.

As any other #WokeAF person knows, this is the phase of; “I’m kind of stumbling in the darkness, yet I feel that my answers are right around the corner.”

Yes, I’m kind of caught between two worlds.

So what does one do when you’re caught between two worlds?

1. You ask the spiritual go-to for guidance, The Universe.

2. You ask for guidance from the go-to when you have questions towards your problems on earth, Google.


So after a juicy meditation session outside, I suddenly got the urge to go check if I have an aura! As any normal person would do, you know. After creepily staring at myself in the mirror for a couple of minutes, it finally happened; I saw a bright light above and around my head. Like bright-bright light, not like dimmed hospital lights, you know.

It was apparent; I have a white aura.

Google was up next and guess what, I’m apparently a transcendent Jesus. Superb. Seriously it’s like when you Google: “Why does my little toe hurt?” and you find out you have cancer. Except that you’re Jesus and it’s even more terrifying. At least now I can turn water into wine. A lot of wine.

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