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The digital nomad life – early stage

Right now I’m sitting at a Tuscan lake-beach heaven we randomly found the other day. I’ve found my laptop and accompanied myself with a cold, dewy Corona. This is really the spot I’ve always imagined myself working at as a digital nomad. Like, who wouldn’t like to work from a random beach, eh?

Digital Nomad life

Also, everything that other digital nomads have said about these places, are true; it’s f****** warm, you can barely see the computer screen because of the light and the Wi-Fi connection, I guess, has seen stronger days. Bless.

Yet, I’m happy. Seriously for the first time in my adult life I actually feel like myself and this is exactly where I’m supposed to be. To be free and intuitive. And wiggle my butt wherever and whenever my butt wants to wiggle. It feels like there is nothing calling me home, because I am home. On Earth, the round little rock in the middle of this infinite universe where the inhabitants have decided to separate themselves with borders.

So yeah, I kind of very much like this way of living. Especially those days when doubt doesn’t kick in, because your former ego is calling you “home”. Or your bank balance is closing in on 0. I guess that’s the beauty of this lifestyle. In other words, I’m embracing every side of this journey.

Other cute journeys

This digital nomad journey also took me to some cute, desolate places these past days. We found this lake called Lago di Bilancino. So while Lars did his motorcycle thang, I went off with Opie for some adventure time. I even took my first underwater pictures. They’re crap, but I’ll get better.

Digital nomad adventures

Digital nomad adventures

Digital nomad adventures

And whilst I was super excited to finally post this very short and sweet blog post on the spot, my computer died. As some beautiful beach cafés don’t have an outdoor plug. I love my life.



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