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6 vegan restaurants in Florence, Italy

Ok, so I was a genius before heading to Florence. I marked every single interesting vegan restaurant on Google Maps before heading there. You know, you can like add places and such on Google Maps itself. You can either star them (yellow pin), heart them (red pin) or mark them as “want to go” (green pin).

As an obvious no-brainer, I marked the green pin to all the vegan restaurants in Florence. Because green you know. Then I marked a heart for the museums and other places I’d want to see and a star to other important places – like our crib.

I’m bad at explaining things, so if you have no idea what I mean, then you can find an example below.

A map of Florence with my pins
Vegan restaurants in Florence

For me this idea was a total personal growth kind of thing, as I don’t know s*** about these techie things and it worked! This little trick saved us a lot of time amongst the hazzle, 100000 tourists and 3 hour long queues.

We did the usual stroll to find all the museums and when the hanger started to approach, we just flipped open our amazing Google Maps idea. We saw the green flags waving at us, inviting us in for a super convenient vegan feast.

But now to the point..

6 vegan restaurants in Florence

Veg & Veg – your juicy, fast-food veggie burger feast

Vegan restaurant Veg & Veg, Florence

This was our first vegan restaurant conquest in Florence. It was a tiny bit hard to find, as it was inside a building and there was no signs leading to the restaurant. It was a combo building, where the ground floor is like an indoor market. Yeah, avoid that area and go straight up to the first floor, if you want to keep your appetite. Slaughters and stuff down there.

Once you get the first floor, you’re met by a vibrant Street Food like market. There we found Veg & Veg, where you can get pure veggie burgers! There are also vegetarian options, if you love cheese too much. Otherwise, it was a pure and savage feast on these lovely, greasy veggie burgers and some awesome potato chips. They also had an amazing juice (I think we took the Purifier), which I recommend as a contrast to the heavy burger.

Raw – Your health pack

Vegan restaurant Raw in Florence

Ok, this vegan place was just sent from heaven, after a heavy night out the day before. I ordered an avocado sandwich and expected, you know, a dry bread with a slice of ‘cato. I got avocado WITH some amazing cracker bread like breads instead! My plate was seriously floating in heavenly avocado. It was even enough to cover the leafy greens underneath and I could just sense my body and mind were doing a high-five.

Lars had some chia-porridge, which was amaze as well. We both got ourselves some smoothies and it’s just yes, yes, YES – all of it.  I don’t know if it was because we were lucky, but there were almost no people around. Might be because it’s on the other side of the river. Anyway, it’s quiet and you get your belly full of green goodness.

Amblé – Your brunch place

Vegan restaurant Amblé in Florence

This was a mix of vegan and vegetarian, but there were some vegan options and the staff would otherwise help out with vegan options. I ordered a hummus sandwich, a freshly pressed juice and a coffee, which was a perfect way to kick-off the day (yes, we had brunch for breakfast).

The staff was super laid-back and the whole place was a bit artsy. Another super huge bonus, is that it’s at a hidden corner in the midst of the crowded areas of the city. So, if you want a chill place to enjoy a light vegan meal based on fresh, local procuts – then this is the place!

Brac – your fancy, artsy, delicious, fun go-to

Vegan restaurant Brac in Florence

Ah, Brac. We are already super excited to go there again on Tuesday. We were there twice and might not have been the best clientele. We visited the place twice, 10 minutes before the kitchen closed. The second time we burst through the door, we met with the same guy who worked there last time. He rolled his eyes big time gesturing “oh my God, again?!”, made a joke, we joked back and the bond was made.

The first time we crashed the place, I ordered pasta with tomato sauce, which sounds super boring. But it hella wasn’t. The second time I ordered hummus with sweet potatoes and fried pickled onions. The combination was amazing. In other words, if you love books, fun and playful staff, great vegan food and a place to have your lunch or dinner – Brac has your back. And good wine too.

Universo Vegano – your vegan universe

Vegan universe? Yes. Pick up the menu and you can pick and choose from whatever your vegan heart dreams about. Pizza, burger, wraps, salads, cakes and the whole shebang. I can’t even start to express my gratitude. I took a wrap with tofu and I can honestly say it tasted better than a “normal” wrap.

The juice was a total kicker with so much health. Hence, we balanced it up with a good, sugary dessert and an espresso. Another  bonus is that it is not crowded at all and seemed more like a take-away health, vegan lover place.

Panorama Restaurant La Scaletta – your inner upper-class vegan

This is the place where we celebrated our 1 year anniversary, so we kicked it up a notch. I sent them an e-mail pre-date time and asked about vegan options. Already there the quality of the service started. I got a cute little list of their vegan options, which was perfect for me.

The service kicked totally off when we arrived. They granted us my wish of having the best view possible. Check. The guy, Luis, who was serving us was just mindblowingly (if that’s even a word) amazing. Ask for him if you go there.

He had handpicked the wine menu, so it could be complimentary with the food menu. As Lars was having meat (traitor) and I had a vegan meal, he found an ingredient, which was the same in both our dishes. From there he found a wine that fitted that taste. He was super patient and let us have time to choose whatever we needed time to. We got shitton of information about the food and wines, and he even gave us a mini-tasting in whisky and rum after our dinner. Like, he is like the Swiss-knife in the gourmet bizz.

It’s not cheap, but,  you can’t really put a price on this. You get a view that is breathtaking, crazy good service, knowledge and great food.

Vegan restaurant Panorama Restaurant La Scaletta




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