Explore // Project Minimalsim vol. 1

Whaddup peeps!

Thought I’d give a recap on my minimalism journey in L’Estonie. The mission; to only bring a 8 kg bag to my 2 week vacay in Estonia. Well, it was super easy. It’s just things and somehow you always manage to find solutions along the way. Of course one has to reuse clothes several times, which some may think a huge ewww to. But that’s again a small sacrifice to make and one gets used to it! One more problem removed from life.

I think it’s also been easier for me with this change, because I had a small wake up call already a few years back and I’ve kind of had a smooth process. Kind of (I’ll tell more about it later). The realisation was that stuff actually don’t matter that much and clothes are merely to show some sort of an identity or status. Because one of my principles in life is to feel free. And I do feel free when I’m not in a clutter of things and I’m not part of a social construct that tells me how I should be. To be put in a booth.

My biggest mission now will be to get rid of my old stuff and then use as few things as possible. I’ve already figured out my health plan. No shocker comes when I say coconut oil is a must! And apple cider vinegar has shitloads of great benefits for health. I barely use any makeup, but I still need to look presentable at some occasions. Hence my tiny makeup kit, which has a powder, a concealer, a mascara and a small “jar” of cocounut oil that I use for my lips, face and hands. Also to remove makeup. And then of course a bigger jar, because the bigger the better. Coconuuuut <3


Stay tuned! This is just a start to a long ass journey to freedom and to hopefully make the world a better place <3 namaste!