Estonia 2017

Adventure // Estonia – Tallinn // Old Town 

Just to make it clear – I’m not in Estonia anymore. My forgetful brain just remembered that I still had one post to go from my time in Tallinn. My hometown <3

All the pictures are from the Old Town and it’s one of my favourite places in the world. Just thinking that people were walking around here from 13th century makes me really happy. Estonia has so much history. The Old Town in Tallinn is actually considered as one of the most well preserved Medieval cities in the Northern part of Europe. You can definately sense it when you’re there and the Old Town is under development all the time.

This was a lovely day with my sister and we found a place where we could eat traditional Estonian food and it gave such nostalgic feels as it was what we ate at home when we were younger. For example the food kama, which is considered as one of the few – or even the only – real national food in Estonia. It’s a flour of roasted barley, rye, oat and peas that are mixed in buttermilk or kefir. So. Good.

Olde Hansa is one of Old Town’s most popular restaurants, where they serve food based on recipes from the 15th century.

The infamous Kama!

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