Estonia 2017

Adventure // Estonia // Roadtrip

So, my sis and I we decided on a random roadtrip in Estonia. We borrowed our family’s pride of a car – the immortal Opel Vectra (from probably early 19th century). And we didn’t even book a place to stay. We thought we could sleep in the car if needed or lose some pride and drive all the way back to Tallinn. As it’s only a few hours no matter where you are in Estonia basically. Estonia is cute like that. We did end up at a charming farm-like place at the end though.

The route the first day was; Tallinn to Sillamäe, which is the North coast of Estonia towards Russia. Our sightings for that day;

  • Rakvere Linnus (Fortress)
  • Saka Mõis (Manor)
  • Valaste Juga (Waterfall)

And when we got to the “welcome to mother Russia” part of Estonia, we took U-turn down towards Peipsi Lake. That’s also the area where we spent the night.

The next day we drove alongside the beautiful Peipsi Lake and bought some local fish from a tiny “drive-in” kind of shop. Apparently it’s a thing over there. So good. Totally exotic for us. Then our journey went towards the West. The sightings:

  • Norra Mõis (Manor) and Allikas (Springs)
  • Paide Ordulinnus (Ordensburg)

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