Estonia 2017

Adventure // Pärnu

Pärnu is where my mum’s side of the family lives and it’s where I have all my amazing beach memories from. Before global warming kicked in, we had a lovely stable July with, which I remember, constant sun with some awesome thunder and lightning shows here and there. It was so hot that we could barely walk on the asphalt or the sand. It’s not called the “summer city of Estonia” for nothing.

As much as this city is a meeting place for Finnish tourist and Estonian summer events, this is also a meeting point for my fam. Especially now when we have other family members living abroad. My cousin is also here now and with a soon to be little baby-boy. Yup, all teary again this time. It’s amazing. In addition, we met my cousin from my dad’s side and his girlfriend. We had a lovely night out. Tequila and stuff.


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