My name is Liisa Mänd & I’m just a random gal floating on this rock in space. I’m a lover of Mama Earth, vegan, #WokeAF & highly curious about life, humanity & all that has a bit of mystical touch to it. To that extent that I binge watched documentaries until I got my spiritual awakening some years back. Still recovering from it. 

I see life & Earth as a limitless space aka you’ll probably find me doing some nomad shit. Because country borders are artificial constructs anyway. I also do some creative work, as it is my way of expressing the shitton of emotions I have. 

Want to follow my little journey, then check out my blog.

Liisa Mänd

The CreatiWerk

Sometimes I like to do a bit of visual creative werk, inspired by nature, beauty, the hidden, magic & whatever sparks my overly emotional soul. These things I express through photography, editing & doodling geometry.